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Diary of a Permakid

New Dad Edition
Feb 6 '13

My wife and I have been re-watching ”Yes, Dear” and I kept mentioning to her how awesome it would be for Greg Garcia to to write some sort of connection from Yes, Dear to Raising Hope. I had a theory that Barney might be a relative of Jimmy’s since they both share the name Hughes, but I didn’t actually think it would happen!!! I was the most excited person in the world when they showed up.

I need them to have reoccurring roles! I need Greg and Kim to come visit Jimmy and Christine’s new home! I need it! I need story lines where Dominique and Logan are mowing lawns and stealing business from Burt!

And with all the idiots who keep saying, “Ooh It’s Kurt’s dad!” I feel like I’m probably one of the few who truly appreciated this cameo for what it was.